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What I’m about to share with you is the number 1 mistake grossly overlooked by many marketers and business owners when it comes to making more sales in your business.

And that is – Constantly Trying to Get New Customers

This is the one thing most people focus on. “Let’s just get more customers, let’s just get more customers and we’ll be okay.”

This is actually the least profitable way to grow your business because of customer acquisition costs.

See, it costs you time and money to make that first sale, doesn’t it? You’ve got to place ads, get leads, turn those leads into prospects, follow up on those prospects and hopefully turn them into customers.

You may also have to spend time answering their questions about your product and service before they actually buy anything from you.

It’s the hardest type to sale to make

because you’ve got to work your ass off to win the buyer’s trust.

As a newbie or novice starting out, trying to sell your products and services for the first time, you’ll realise that most of your prospects will not buy on the initial contact.

And that’s ok.

What’s not ok is taking that “no” as something permanent and moving on to find your next “customer”. It’s both a disservice to yourself and your prospects.

I’m going to show you how by not doing that, you can actually start getting more customers to buy from you.

Instead of moving on to find your next potential costumer, why not spend the same amount of time (or less) providing a valuable and engaging follow-up?

Marketing research have shown time and again that most sales occur on the 7th follow up after the initial contact,

REGARDLESS of the industry you’re operating in. So that initial “no” you’re getting could mean…

  • “I’ve still got some questions not answered”
  • “I need more proof that your products can effectively help me”
  • “How is your product better than Brand XYZ?”

Therefore, the success of your business depends on the ability of your follow-up to expose these hidden objections and answer them. The entire concept can be easily summarised into the 3 steps below:

  1. build a list of prospects and customers
  2. build a relationship with the list,
  3. and market to the list.

So How Do You Build a Relationship In Your Follow Up?

The easiest way to do this is to look through your product’s list of FAQs and send one or three per follow up.

Another super powerful way is to educate your prospects about his problem.

Let’s say you’re providing lead generation services. In your follow up sequence, you should be sending information on the best lead sources for your clients, or tips on the most effective tools for generating leads, etc. This helps to build trust and goodwill.

To make sure your prospects don’t get bored by your emails, vary the type of content your send them. Use a mixture of videos, blog posts, news reports, product demos, expert interviews and testimonials.

Don’t forget to put in your call to action at the end to invite your prospects to make a purchase.

How Often Should You Email Your Prospects a Follow-up?

Personally, my best results come from emailing once every 2 to 3 days, and once or twice a week after the 7th email.

What’s The Best Time To Send Them?

7 – 8pm is the best time to send your email follow-ups, because that’s the time most people would have been done with work and have the time to relax and pay attention.

With most people owning smartphones, 6pm seems like a good time to email too, as most people love to check their emails while on their way home from work.

Does This Mean That You’ll Have to Be Tied Down By Your Computer Every Day, at A Specific Time, Sending Out Emails and Tracking Every Follow-up Sequence Individually?

This is a common question that comes up quite regularly. If you’re struggling with this right now, you’re not alone.

Introducing the AUTORESPONDER service, a tool that lets you schedule all your follow up emails in advance. Dramatically improve your productivity and instantly leverage on your own past effort.


Just like what it’s name implies, an autoresponder responds automatically whenever you sign up a prospect to your list by automating your entire email follow up process which you only need to set up once at the beginning.



  • set up unlimited number of follow-up emails that will be automatically sent out to your list for you at scheduled intervals pre-determined by you.
  • drastically reduce your time spent on follow ups
  • ensures that you’ll never get too busy or forget to build and maintain a positive relationship with your list consistently.
  • make your work unbelievably stress-free since they’re not rejecting you directly, but your follow-up messages
  • monitor the performance of every single follow up email and the responsiveness of each lead, so you can constantly improve your marketing.
  • triple your productivity

Once you have an email list and follow-up sequence in place, you can even use it to selling more products to your existing customers literally by sending an email.

Repeat sales are the easiest sales to make since these people already trust you enough to give you their contact information and have bought from you previously.

If you’d like to find out which autoresponder every top marketer is using, I will be revealing it in my consultation.

Surprisingly, it’s not the most expensive one and actually the least complicated.

In this consultation, I also show struggling marketers like you the tricks to attracting customers with less frustration, maximising the numbers of sales and size of transaction per customer.

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