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Imagine the effect it will have on your sales, if you have the power to hypnotize whoever you speak to and mind control them into buying whatever your’re marketing.

If I can only name one skill thats directly responsible for helping me consistently generate leads and sales revenue HIGHER than most marketers, it will have to be the ability to

  • sneak into the minds of my prospects,
  • predict their thoughts and
  • influence their buying decisions.

And if you’ve only got time to pick up just ONE skill to help you in your business, this will have to be it.


Over the internet, words are the most common form of communication between you and your customers.

However, while online, their attention span can be extremely short. One redundant sentence is all it takes for them to lose interest in your message and click away to another site.

Besides an attention grabbing headline, you need content that can retain their attention all the way till the end of your message.

While there’s thousands of copywriting tips out there for crafting killer headlines, few actually have the balls teach you how to write body copy…

…so compelling, each sentence literally forces your prospect to continue reading the next one.

So I’m going to show you my secret step by step method on structuring your content so that you, too, can perform some crazy mind control tricks on your prospects and turn them into loyal customers and hungry reps ready to build your business with you.

1. Writing an Attention Grabbing Headline

How to’s and lists type of headlines always work. Eg, “How To Attract More Customers With Youtube”, “Top 3 Internet Marketing Tools For Lawyers”.

As this article is more about writing persuasive body copy than headlines, I’ll won’t delve too deep into this.

2. A Hook for Retaining Your Prospect’s Attention 

Usually 1 or 2 sentence to generate curiosity in your reader. There’s always more than 1 method.

  1. Seek to visualise a scenario in your prospect’s mind that can possibly happen should he follow (or ignore) your advice.


  1. Expose the frustrations or negative emotions associated with a specific challenge your prospect is facing.

Sprinkle some emotionally charged words like, “sick and tired”, “demoralised”, “embarrassed”, “exhausted” so they feel that you understand their situation.

3. Establish Authority

In one sentence, highlight just one strong reason why the reader should trust whatever you’re about to say. It could be

  • your experience in a certain field,
  • some sort of results you’ve achieved or
  • simply research findings you’ve gathered from a reliable source.

4. Agitate Your Reader’s Problem

Talk about your prospect’s problem first before offering your solution, because effective copywriting and selling is always about building a bridge from your prospect to you, and never the other way around.

As with your hook, describe the problem visually and situationally with emotional words.

People often make decisions based on emotions and later justify it with logic, so don’t forget to stir up feelings associated with your customers’ problem by sprinkling more words to help you sell – ‘frustrated’, ‘rejection’, ‘pain in the ass’, etc.

5. Offer The Relief By Revealing Your Solution

Simply state the method to solving your prospect’s problem in an easy to digest manner.

Usually, breaking up your solution into bullet points or a certain number of stepswill do the job.

Show proof that your solution works to increase the credibility you have with your reader. This can be a screenshot, before and after photograph, etc. If that is not possible, a testimonial from someone who has benefited from your solution is just as good.

6. Re-state The Problem & Highlight Benefits of Your Solution.

Remind your prospect of

  • the pain and inconveniences of his problem and
  • how your solution is going to benefit him by eliminating them and
  • make his life easier.

This will allow you to transition smoothly into your final step, which is your…

7. Call To Action

By the end, you want your reader to be happy with what you’ve shared with him/her.

By accomplishing this, you’ve earned the trust of your prospects and they will be predictably interested and hungry for MORE.

You finally have the power to credibly present your offer with little resistance. This is where you tell your reader where they can go next to receive more information to solving their problem faster, better, easier.

Make an offer relevant to your headline, something which you know they’re already interested in. It can be to place an order or to join your list in exchange for more helpful information.

You need a strong and straightforward call to action. This is a strategy I personally use togenerate highly qualified leads and effortlessly market products and services to my list of prospects.

So, if you have been struggling to get the attention of your prospect’s and tired of having to deal with their defensive attitudes towards your  presentation, employing this 7-step strategy is sure to

  • save you the stress of arm-twisting your prospects into buying from you
  • earn you respect and trust from your customers even before you speak to them
  • give you the chance to turn your prospects into loyal, repeat customers for life

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