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For Artists, Freelancers, Self-employed Creatives, or Aspiring Agency Owners

How To Quickly & Easily Build A Pimpin’ Portfolio Website

That Gets You PAYING Clients and Customers, Even If You Don’t Know How to Code

Yep, no more of that “no budget, but great exposure for you” bullshit.

Are you hosting your portfolio on free websites like behance, cargo collective, wix, weebly, square space?

Or putting up with overpriced DIY site builder services that provide limited functionality?

Are you using these services not because of the potential exposure they can offer you, but because the idea of setting up your own website and dealing with html and css intimidates you?

If this sounds like you, and you’re looking to present your work online more professionally…

I’ll be setting aside some time to help you get your first self-hosted portfolio website ( set up from scratch.

I’m doing this because I’ll be updating and revamping my own portfolio site. So… might as well document the process and strategic thinking behind every single step and share it with others who are interested.

I may package my recordings into a $297 online course at a later stage, so I’d like to take this opportunity to develop some case studies and testimonials from the participants.

There’s no charge for this coaching; just pay for your own web hosting and domain fees. (Which I will guide you through as well, so don’t worry.)

By the way, I had ZERO html and css knowledge when I built my first portfolio website on my own.

Over the past 5 years (even before graduating), I’ve been helping digital marketing clients and a few friends set up theirs, and provided them with resources on how to manage it on their own thereafter.

What I’ve discovered from doing this was that most people get the impression that its complicated, time consuming, and difficult to maintain your self-hosted portfolio site.

Which isn’t really true because its entirely possible to not touch a single line of html/css if you don’t want to.

So rest assure that you will be able to do this, even if you have no experience.

Here’s what’s gonna happen when you request to join the coaching group and get accepted:

1) I’m gonna set up up your website, install the necessary components, and create the home page, about page, contact page for everyone so that you don’t have to do it. This part is not critical because you’ll only have to do it once and forget about it. Therefore, I’ll prefer handling it myself and getting it done real quick. You’ll get a recording of this step for future reference, just in case you need to set up another website from scratch.

2a) The main focus would be teaching you how to quickly and easily get your works uploaded/updated. This part is critical since that’s the repetitive portion. It will include formatting your images for the best dimensions, what to say about each portfolio item, and what to leave out.

This component will be taught online with step-by-step video demonstrations. It will be hosted within both a membership training area and a private facebook group for review & feedback.The goal is to make sure everyone has at least 1 portfolio item fully up and properly presented, so that you can simply replicate the same process for the rest of your works.

2b) One of the special bonuses of this class is that I’ll be giving away one of the most versatile site builders (Divi Theme), which allows you to craft your site however you want without having to know how to code.

If you were to try and buy it yourself, it would cost you either USD69/year or USD249 for lifetime access. But since I’ve been running a digital marketing agency for the past 2.5 years and already have a developer’s license, I can give the site builder away to as many people as I want without additional cost. Which means you’ll be getting it free. My only request is that you use it only for yourself and not give it away.

3) By December, everyone should have at least 3 works uploaded, and the content on the home, about, and contact pages filled in. This is when I’ll try and get a training room for a 2-3 hour informal meet-up, just to assist any students straggling behind and need help completing any outstanding tasks.

During this session, I’ll also set aside about 1 hour to cover these topics:

Topic #1: How to dramatically increase the chances of potential clients leaving their contact info on your website plus a prospecting script you can use to follow up and close them.

Topic #2: I’m currently trying to decide between…

a) The contract, quotation and invoice templates I personally use to make sure 95% of clients pay me the fee we agreed upon, and on time. If you were to hire an auditor or lawyer to draft these for you, the contract alone would cost at least $1,000. I know this because my friend who’s an auditor drafted these for me.


b) The facebook advertising strategy I’ve been using to help clients and friends in the creative industry to promote their art shows and events. With this method, I’ve been able to drastically cut down an art show’s advertising cost by 78.3%; from $1.85 down to $0.40 per rsvp.

I only have time for either one, so I’ll appreciate it if you guys let me know your preference.

With that said, pls understand that my resources are limited, and I don’t have a venue that can accommodate a large group. Therefore, I’m only accepting 15 people at most.

So, if you’re interested in being accepted as one of the 15 students, let me know by sending me a private message with the following info:

1) name
2) phone number
3) email
4) skype
5) year of study, or whether you’re currently self-employed, freelancing, or etc
6) if you’ve already got a portfolio site
7) how will this coaching help you?
8) would you prefer Topic 2a or 2b?

In the event that I get more than 15 requests, I may give priority to applicants…

1. seeking careers as full-time artists,
2. who have plans to start your own design practice,
3. intending to be self-employed / freelance,
4. who are fresh grads or seniors who are about to graduate,
5. and have no website at all.

If you’re an art/design student who doesn’t fit any of above criteria, you’re still welcomed to apply and get on the waiting list.

Who is this NOT for:
If you intend to be a web developer,
building websites for clients as a profession,
and want to learn how to create award winning websites,
this is clearly not gonna get you there.

Who is this for:
If you’re a self-employed artist/freelance graphic designer
with limited time and resources,
has a client meeting in 24 hours’ time,
which requires you to present your portfolio
on a professional looking website,
but there’s no time to figure out html/css and build a site from scratch,
this is gonna be your life saver.

I did one of these sessions in 2014 just for fun and turns out there’s a real need for this. Got too busy in 2015, so I totally forgot about it. No plans for a 3rd session in 2017 because I’ve no idea when’s the next time I’m free.

Do you want to put an end to being perceived as an artist or freelancer who’s just trying to make some extra pocket money and get some “exposure”?

If so, this is a good starting point that will have prospective clients treat you like a true professional and command a respectable fee.